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Ecological restoration is the process of assisting the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded, damaged, or destroyed (Defined by the Society for Ecological Restoration, 2004). We specialize in a variety of services related to the recovery and maintenance of natural ecosystems. Employing professionals in both ecological science and construction, we encompass the expertise needed to meet any restoration and land reclamation demands. Our mission is to bring the science of ecology to all our reclamation projects, providing the best solutions that are sustainable, cost effective, and will endure over time. Please view our portfolio for examples of projects completed in the past.

  • Stream restoration; natural channel design and building.

  • Riparian habitat restoration and management.

  • Terrestrial habitat restoration and management.

  • Soil regeneration & rehabilitation.

  • Wildlife habitat management.

  • Invasive species control.

  • Plant rescue.

  • Long term monitoring and maintenance.

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